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Silver Cloud

Personalised Service.

Our Signature.


Breeze through embarkation and step into the warm welcome of white-gloved staff. Enjoy a flute of champagne as you are escorted to your suite. Allow us to indulge you with fresh flowers and our undivided attention. It is the quality of our service that imparts such a wonderful sense of well-being as soon as you set sail on a Silversea luxury cruise, the peace of mind that comes when you realise that all your needs are being taken care of for you — sometimes before you even ask. A staff-to-guest ratio of nearly one to one ensures that your every wish is fulfilled with earnest precision, from the concierge who can customise your voyage to the butler who serves your breakfast in suite.

Of course numbers only tell part of the story. Trained by The Leading Hotels of the World, Silversea’s staff members are not only adept at what they do, they enjoy doing it. Their hospitality is warm, their smiles genuine, from the bartenders and restaurant managers to the chef who presents your favourite soufflé prepared à la minute. And each and every special touch is introduced with such style and finesse, you’ll quickly feel like a preferred member of the world’s most exclusive club. In fact, as a privileged guest of Silversea, you most certainly are.

It is a rare treat to experience service on such a high plane. That takes care of the smallest nuance and puts you immediately at ease. So that you are free to enjoy life at its best through the wonder of travel.


Crew 208

Build 1994

Guests 200/254 

Officers  - European

Tonnage 16,800

Length 514.14 Feet/156.7 Metres

Width . . . . . . 70.62 Feet/21.5 Metres Speed 18 Knots

Passenger Decks - 7

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